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Bell’s Launch New Mobile Website & Coupon Service

Bell’s Dry Cleaners Managing Director, Jason Webb has launched the new look Bell’s website and announced that it is also ‘mobile friendly‘. This development has followed the growth of users accessing the internet by mobile and the need to be able to still websites on smaller screens such as iPhones.

What does it mean for Bell’s customers?

In addition to being able to contact Bell’s by your phone straight from the website, Jason Webb, also noted that “It’s a great way for our customers to redeem coupons in our shops because all they need to do now is bring up the bells website on their phone, and select the coupon they wish to redeem.”

“This innovative approach will also save Bell’s customers time and money through being able to take advantage of the great monthly coupon deals, without needing to print and present coupons at our stores.”

Mobile Marketing Boom

“Mobile technology has introduced a new dimension into advertising and marketing for businesses worldwide. Potential customers now see business advertisements on mobile phones thru a wide variety of mobile marketing technologies including: SMS (text) messaging, mobile websites, mobile applications, banner ads, QR codes, IVR messaging and more.” Mr Webb said.
These advertisements can be customized to reach a more specific, targeted audience thanks to software that “reads” the website or information individuals are seeking on their mobile device and displaying advertisements that relate to that information.
Marketing is made more effective by this customization, and because most customers / potential customers always have a mobile device handy, their exposure to advertisements is increased.
Studies indicate that:
  • 97% of mobile subscribers will read an SMS (text) message within 15 minutes of receiving it; 84% will respond within 1 hour. (do you know any other medium that gets your target’s attention that fast? I don’t!)
  • Average campaign response rates are typically 12 – 15% (as opposed to direct mail which averages 2 – 3%); some companies are seeing response rates as high as 60%+!
  • Mobile is NOT just for teens and twenty-somethings; prime purchasers in the 35 – 44 and 45 – 54 age brackets are also strongly embracing the use of Mobile
  • While 65% of email is spam, less than 10% of SMS is.
  • A recent study by Compete.com indicates that almost 40% of consumers are extremely interested in receiving mobile coupons for a wide variety of services / purchases!
  • Demand for mobile websites is expected to exceed PC accessible websites sometime in 2011; if you don’t have one, you need one very soon!